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Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring, a remote orthodontic service, revolutionizes the treatment journey by using advanced AI technology. Providing convenience and efficiency, it enables at-home treatment with reduced office visits and accelerated processes. It promotes personalized care with real-time progress tracking, fostering active patient engagement. This patient-focused approach merges convenience and personalized care, enhancing overall patient satisfaction.

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How Does Dental Monitoring Work?

At Paul Austin Orthodontics, we are dedicated to providing innovative orthodontic solutions. We proudly introduce Dental Monitoring, a transformative remote orthodontic service, which melds convenience, connectivity, and care to redefine the patient experience. Leveraging advanced AI technology, we personalize your treatment, drawing real-time insights from over 130+ oral observations.

Why Should I Choose Dental Monitoring for My Orthodontic Needs? 

  • Experience Unmatched Convenience: With Dental Monitoring, you can comfortably update us on your orthodontic progress right from your home. Say goodbye to frequent, time-consuming office visits.
  • Stay Informed in Real-Time: Our platform gives you real-time updates and visualizations of your treatment progress, making you an active participant in your orthodontic journey. You’ll always be in the know!
  • Benefit from Proactive Care: With our continuous monitoring system, potential treatment issues can be detected early and corrected quickly. This proactive approach means less surprises and a smoother treatment journey.
  • Feel Empowered: Dental Monitoring encourages you to actively participate in your treatment process, increasing your confidence and satisfaction. It’s your orthodontic journey – take control of it with Dental Monitoring!

Patient-Centric Treatment Process

Our approach empowers you, the patient, to take an active role in your treatment. Using the ScanBox pro device and your smartphone, you can capture and send intraoral images from anywhere, reducing the need for regular in-office visits. These images are then analyzed by Dental Monitoring's AI platform. If prescribed observations are detected, your customized protocol is activated, and instructions are sent to your phone.

The DM Difference

At the core of our Dental Monitoring collaboration is the “DM Difference”, built on three pillars:

At the core of our Dental Monitoring collaboration is the “DM Difference”, built on three pillars:

The DM Difference

Virtual Consultation

In addition, we offer the platform's unique Virtual Consultation feature, allowing potential patients a more comfortable initial consultation process. By integrating Dental Monitoring, we aim to inspire active participation, enhance satisfaction, and boost confidence in your orthodontic journey. Experience the blend of convenience, connectivity, and care with Dental Monitoring at Paul Austin Orthodontics today.